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Meet the Csaba. Team

Sara is  CEO & founder of Csabahome where she is  happy to share her passion for Mediterranean-style interiors.

 The warmth of Sara's Italian heritage and the creative zeal of her culture roots in a incredible design process.

Sara is multi-lingual, and her professionalism, drawing on her combined 20 years of international corporate and entrepreneurial experience.

Having said all that, we are a small team, with a huge network of local connections in the Javea area, so we strongly believe we offer an edge on our competitors by offering a very personal and customizable level of service.

Our mission is to offer international clients an immersive experience of the Mediterranean lifestyle through our distinctive interior design expertise.

We believe that a home should be a reflection of its inhabitants, capturing their unique tastes, desires, and aspirations. With an unwavering commitment to our clients, we strive to create bespoke spaces that transcend mere aesthetics, seamlessly blending comfort, functionality, and the timeless allure of the Mediterranean.

By fostering authentic connections with our clients, we embark on a collaborative journey, discovering their individual stories, dreams, and personalities. Through meticulous attention to detail and an innate understanding of our clients' desires, we curate environments that evoke a sense of belonging and tranquility.

Embracing innovation and celebrating the rich tapestry of Mediterranean design, we embark on each project as a new creative endeavor. We embrace the challenge of blending classic elegance with contemporary flair, incorporating sustainable practices that honor our environment.

At Csaba, our ultimate joy lies in witnessing the transformation of spaces and lives.

By infusing Mediterranean soul into every design, we create inviting sanctuaries that evoke a sense of serenity, warmth, and joy.

Through our dedication, expertise, and deep respect for our clients' visions, we craft homes that become cherished havens, where memories are woven, dreams take flight, and the Mediterranean spirit thrives.

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